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USP Training – Understanding Suicide Prevention (1 Day)

Understanding Suicide Prevention programs USP and USP Awareness have been
specifically designed to increase your group’s confidence and ease when needing to talk about suicide. By openly discussing suicide and walking through a step by step guide to suicide intervention, participants feel that if and when they are faced with a client, consumer, workmate, friend or family member who may be experiencing thoughts of suicide they have a much clearer picture of what to do and how to facilitate a potentially life-saving discussion.

These programs can be individually tailored to meet your organisations time constraints and/or needs. They have been developed to acknowledge your existing knowledge and experience and build upon these with easy to
understand information, and guidance through the recognised procedures involved in conducting a suicide intervention.

Both programs are highly interactive and practical-using trainer led discussions, case studies and practice, participants learn evidence-based steps, with the latest up to date research relating to suicide in general and your groups special interest.

USP is a one-day interactive workshop that builds on your group’s knowledge, and utilises practical up to date research to inform best practice when helping someone with thoughts of suicide.

Participants will learn how to pick up on signs that a person may be thinking about suicide and learn how to sensitively broach this subject. Further learning will be; how to ask about suicide, how to attentively listen to someone in distress, and how to work with the person to create safety, or what steps may need to be taken if safety cannot be attained.

Topics covered:

  • Prevalence of suicide, with research included on your area of interest
  • What to look for? The signs of suicide
  • How to begin a caring conversation
  • What next…when the answer is Yes?
  • Listening skills
  • Focusing in on what the person needs to tell you, and what you need to listen out for.
  • How to make a plan for safety
  • What next…if safety is unable to be considered? Emergency protocol
  • Self-care

All programs are very interactive and engaging, and rely somewhat on your
existing knowledge and experience in life. All trainers are highly experienced having years of training and hands on experience conducting suicide interventions and all realize the sensitivity and care that needs to be taken around this issue. Flexibility and safety are considered paramount throughout these workshops.

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