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I recently completed a two-day ASIST course and I was completely buzzing with all the information. I never thought I’d get to use it, let lone within two weeks and with a dear friend.

I rolled up to hockey (as I normally do on a Sunday afternoon) and I could see that one of our older teammates was having a particularly bad day, arguing with the ref and walking off in a huff. At the end of the game, I asked if she was ok and when it was clear that she wasn’t, I stayed behind to talk a little more. She starting saying things like “life was getting all too much” and she was really struggling emotionally to “carry on”.

Before doing the course, I would have just patted her on the back and said “you’ll be right”, but not now. These were warning signs, so I took a deep breath in and bravely asked if she had thoughts of suicide, and she said “yes”. I asked her if she had “a plan” and she did. She was going to do it in the kitchen before her teenage boys got up and she’d already been to Bunnings to get the rope.

We sat in the change room and talked for over three hours, and we finally put in place a plan to keep her safe. She hugged me and embraced me with all her might, and said, “Thank you.” At that moment, I knew what I learnt had just helped to save her life and her boys.

Kim, Hockey Hero, 30 years old


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