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I’d like to tell you about something that happened following the ASIST course I attended. I arrived home and found my husband talking to Ben (who is part of our basketball club) on Facebook. My husband was extremely stressed and felt like he was completely out of his depth. Ben, a young man in his early 20s, had posted on Facebook that he’d had enough and just wanted to say goodbye to everyone.

Instantly, I felt myself calm down and go into ‘automatic pilot’. I said to my husband, “Ask Ben if he is talking about dying by suicide”. I saw the fear on my husband’s face and he said, “But I don’t want to put the thought into his head!” This was the exact thought I would have had only weeks ago (before attending the ASIST course). I was able to support both my husband and his friend through the situation. I called Ben who had said yes, he did want to die by suicide.

I organised for someone who lived closer to go over and an ambulance was called. Ben was not able to keep himself safe at that point. I knew when I finished the ASIST course that I had learnt valuable skills, but I had no idea how easy it would be for me to recall them and use them! I believe that the ease of recalling the skills and the calm I felt in that situation was a reflection on how well designed and taught this program is. Thank you! It has saved a life!

Claire, Social Media Saviour, 27 years old

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